Infographic: 21 Life Hacks for Busy Parents

21 Life Hacks for Busy Parents (Infographic)

Infographic: 21 Life Hacks for Busy Parents
Prep the night before. Choose clothes, pack lunches, set your coffeemaker to auto-brew. Investing 20 minutes at night will save you so much time and stress in the morning!
Start your day on a happy note by turning on some fun music.
Is your kid always getting up too early? Try a "Time to Wake" clock that will light up green when it's time to get up.
Kid having a tantrum because (s)he can't find the {insert favorite cartoon character} cup? Add magnets to the cup and stick it to the fridge for easy access.
Dessert for breakfast? Try freezing bananas and grapes - they're much sweeter frozen and your kid will think they’re eating dessert.
Help your toddler remember which shoe goes on which foot by cutting a sticker in half and putting them inside the shoes.
Keep an "I forgot" stash in your car with things like hair ties, Band-Aids, lotion, cereal bars, wipes, mouthwash and water.

Headed to the supermarket? Snap a pic of your fridge and freezer to remember what you have and what you need.
Running errands? Keep your kid busy with a car kit and on the go snack table (look it up – it’s a lifesaver): Include Melissa and Doug Water Wow books, snacks, dry erase books, stickers and cars or mini animal figures.
If you're packing a lunch or a picnic, wrap your sandwich in a paper towel before putting it into a Ziploc bag or storage container - bye bye soggy sandwiches!
If your kid is going through a picky stage, use an ice tray to offer a variety of colorful foods and watch them disappear!

Set up an activity for your child while you prepare dinner: ask them to create something out of Play-Doh, Magna-Tiles, Legos or crafts. They can tell you all about it when they’re done.
Place a wooden spoon across the top of a boiling pot of water to keep it from bubbling over.
Takeout for dinner? Turn on your car’s seat warmer to keep the food hot.
Eating veggies an everyday battle? Turn it into a game by having your child roll dice to find out how many more bites he or she needs to take.
Slide a cupcake liner onto a popsicle’s stick for a sweet treat minus the sticky fingers.

Bath toys getting moldy? Use a hot glue gun to close the holes in squeezy toys.
Use a laundry basket in the bath for your little one – it’ll help keep them from slipping and their toys from floating away.
Keep your the bedtime routine consistent, short and whatever you do – turn off the TV. The light emitted from the TV and electronic devices signals to our brain that it’s time to wake up, rather than time to wind down.
Time to unwind: Wrap your wine or beer bottle in a wet towel and stick it in the freezer for 5 minutes for the perfectly cold drink to end your day.
Need to remember something for tomorrow? Send yourself a text and open it in the morning.
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