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Great Sleep is Life-changing!

Be your best every day with an Agility Hybrid Mattress. Designed for comfort and health by the sleep experts at Therapedic for restful nights and energized days!

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What Does Better Hybrid Construction Do For Me?

a woman laying on her side showing how the mattress contours to you her body

Contouring, Responsive Relief Where You Need It

  • Anatomically Correct Positioning

    Superior materials, design and construction provide support for comfortable side, stomach or back sleeping positions.

  • Pressure Point Relief

    Experience a restful night's sleep with ideal pressure relief provided by our unique micro-coil layer and specialty foam support layers.

a couple sleeping in bed on their new agility mattress

Motion Absorbing for Undisturbed Sleep

  • Limited Partner Disturbance

    Agility hybrid mattresses isolate, reduce and absorb motion from your movement and that of your partner. The high-density base foam provides durable support for weight differences and the combination of the mini micro-coil layer and specialty foams minimize movement disturbance for a peaceful night's sleep.

  • Responsive Movement Control

    Mini micro-coils quickly respond to changes in body position and shift support for a responsive, agile feeling as you move in bed—you won’t feel stuck in the mattress.

a woman sitting in bed smiling with her arms stretching overhead while her dog lays next to her

Naturally Breathable

  • Natural materials

    Agility hybrid mattresses use premium materials, such as natural latex, specially selected to enhance breathability for cool and comfortable sleeping conditions.

  • Cooling Air flow

    The mini micro-coil layer is air permeable, and the perforated latex layer circulates air as you move, enabling natural air flow and allowing the mattress to stay cool as you sleep. You’ll sleep comfy and cozy and wake up feeling rested and energized!

graphic of the Natural Latex layer graphic of the Mini micro coils layer graphic of the Bio-based Gel Foam Graphic of the agility base foam

Premium Materials


Natural latex foam layer is breathable, provides immediate response to movement and nestles the body for a plush and perfect feel.

Mini micro coils

Nearly 1,000 mini micro-coils respond quickly to movement in any direction and work together to minimize motion disturbance.

Bio-based Gel Foam

Bio-based gel memory foam helps with energy absorption and provides pressure relief.

Base foam

Support stabilizing high-density base foam layer gives our mattress added support and durability.

Premium Materials

graphic of the Natural Latex layer graphic of the Mini micro coils layer graphic of the Bio-based Gel Foam Graphic of the agility base foam
a collage of photos, an over head photo of a family lying in bed, a and pressing on the agility  mattress and the certipur-us logo and oeko-tex logo

Trusted. Safe. Made in USA.

Agility is a brand you can trust
  • Crafted by Therapedic. Top bedding manufacturer; one of the most respected names in sleep for over 60 years.

  • Better quality and better value. We create healthy, restful sleep environments using the latest materials and technologies for highest quality mattresses delivered to you.

  • Natural Latex Layer. Tested safe and OEKO-TEX® 100 certified— making Agility officially safe for our babies, kids and pets too.

  • Certified Ingredients. The base foam and bio-based gel foam layers are CertiPur-US®, which means no ozone depleters, no flame retardants, no formaldehyde and no CFCs.


It takes at least 30 nights for your body to adjust to a new mattress. We offer 100 nights of sleep to decide if Agility is the right fit for you.