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4 Steps to Create a Sleep Sanctuary

Agility Bed partnered with, Jane at Home, to create a sleep sanctuary for her master bedroom. As an interior stylist, Jane knows how to create spaces that reflect her love of beauty, clean lines and classic simplicity. It was fun to watch her room transform as she added her new Agility Bed hybrid mattress and implemented some of her own top tips for creating and styling the perfect sleep sanctuary.

According to Jane, creating a sleep sanctuary is important for everyone, because we all need a place to refresh and recharge after a full day. When you're well rested, not only are you happier, you have so much more you can give– to your family, your work, your passions – and yourself!

Creating a bedroom that feels like a sanctuary is all about designing a space that feels true to you, evokes a feeling of peace and calm, and is functional and comfortable. If you’re ready to create your own sleep sanctuary, follow these tips from Jane at Home.

1. Invest in a comfortable, quality mattress.

“No matter how beautiful a bedroom is, if the mattress is uncomfortable, it defeats the entire purpose of the space. Our Agility mattress is the foundation of this room, in that it provides us with the best possible sleeping experience-- and there’s nothing more beautiful than that!”

2. Keep it simple for yourself.

“I love to keep things simple and easy—both in my life and in my home décor. Our Agility bed was delivered right to our front door in this box and took only minutes to set up! Buying a new mattress just doesn’t get any easier than that!”

3. Focus on the beautiful details.

“Adding personal touches to your bedside table, like seashells from your recent travels or fresh flowers, is one of the many ways to make your bedroom feel like a sleep sanctuary. Plus, waking up to beautiful things starts your day off in the best possible way!”

4. Add high-quality bedding.

“The perfect complement to a great mattress is luxurious bedding. And I can’t think of anything more luxurious than an all-white bed. It keeps visual clutter to a minimum for a feeling of calm and tranquility. I don’t like to keep it too stuffy, though. Using a duvet with a little wrinkle and adding a cozy throw creates a look that puts you to sleep – in a good way!”

Jane’s master bedroom makeover gives us serious design envy, and she’s not even finished! Fresh paint, beautiful bedding and a new mattress is only the beginning. Click here to see more master bedroom updates on her blog.

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