5 Reasons Early Risers Win the Day

5 Reasons Early Risers Win the Day

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise.” - Benjamin Franklin

This is probably one of the most common quotes we hear throughout our lives. It is evident that in our modern day culture, most of us spend a good part of our morning sleeping and a large portion of the night awake. Research reveals that one of the reasons for late success is the fact that humans have become night owls, instead of choosing to become early risers.

If you take a look at the lives of all the most inspirational and successful people in the world, early rising is one of the common denominators resulting in their happier, healthier and more prosperous lives. If you are not a morning person naturally, it is possible to teach yourself early rising habits. Here are five ways early risers win the day.

  1. Early risers are more proactive.

People who start their day early are more proactive and organized. It helps you organize your mind and control the day. Observations say that early risers tend to foresee problems. When you wake up early, you do not rush your day but rather take time to set the tone for the rest of your day. Early risers make better professional decisions and set realistic goals for their lives. Early risers remain in better physical, mental and spiritual state.

  1. Morning exercise is the key to good health.

Many people choose to exercise after work in the late afternoon or evening, rather than waking up early. According to a Belgian study, exercising with an empty stomach in the early morning is most beneficial and helps in maintaining the body weight. Instead of spending a large amount of money on gyms, early risers tend to enjoy the crisp, morning air and work out in the great outdoors. Beginning your day by jump starting your metabolism and breathing fresh air is sure to set you off on the right foot.

  1. Early risers avoid morning traffic.

There’s no denying that morning traffic can be dreadful. It can reduce the positivity in your mind and fatigue you before you even enter the workplace. You can easily avoid traffic jams by waking a little earlier than usual. Early risers are able to steer clear of stressful traffic and avoid crowded public transportation. They also have an advantage for morning timeliness.

  1. Morning people beat sleep inertia.

Sleep inertia is present immediately after waking as your body transitions from sleep to wakefulness. While experiencing sleep inertia, you will feel drowsy, disoriented and may experience a decline in motor dexterity. Early risers allow more time to greet the day and notice a significant improvement in focus when it’s time to begin handling responsibilities.

  1. Early risers get organized before the hustle and bustle begins.

In this ‘hurry up and go’ culture, making time to get centered and focused is rare. One of the most precious advantages for early risers is personal time. By waking up before the rest of your family, work team, clients and neighbors, you have the opportunity to take care of personal items, organize your to-do list and set your intention for the day.

With more focus, organization and less morning stress, early risers truly win the day. One way to become an early riser is to ensure excellent sleep with a high quality mattress. We spend one third of our lives sleeping, so getting the most of that time is essential.

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