5 Reasons Why a Hybrid Mattress with Mini Micro-Coils is Better

5 Reasons Why a Hybrid Mattress with Mini Micro-Coils is Better

Hybrid mattresses have becoming increasingly popular for good reason. They combine the body-contouring and anatomical support of memory foam with the bounce and durability of innerspring mattresses. Taking hybrid mattresses to another level, the Agility mattress incorporates mini micro pocket coils surrounded by bio-based gel memory foam and five-zone latex foam. In addition to the well-known benefits of memory foam, scientific studies have found that hybrid mattresses with micro-coils can provide increased comfort and excellent health benefits.

The Agility mattress uses mini micro pocket coils.

Mini micro-coils or micro pocket coils are smaller, lighter, and narrower coils of wire than standard innerspring coils used in mattresses. The maximum height is usually 4 inches although some are much shorter at around 1 inch to 2 ½ inches. These are wrapped individually inside fabric pockets and foam or within innerspring support cores.

While innersprings were developed to make mattresses sturdier and more supportive, micro-coils are intended to increase comfort. Because they are lighter and smaller, they give the mattress a softer feel and a smoother finish. Some manufacturers incorporate micro-coil layers into comfort layers of mattresses. With the Agility bed, the micro coil layer is sandwiched between sleep inducing layers of bio-based gel memory foam and five-zone latex foam.

5 reasons why the Agility hybrid mattress can provide your #BestSleepEver:

1. A hybrid mattress with micro-coils provides better airflow.

Beds with coils have spaces and vent-like indentations where the actual coils are pocketed. This allows heat to escape and air to flow freely, so you stay cool and dry for the ultimate restful sleep.

2. Mini micro pocket coils can relieve joint pressure.

Thinner and narrower micro-coils are more flexible than any other type of spring, allowing them to conform and follow the natural contour of the body, offering more suitable support on pressure points. This scientific design gives the mattress a perfect density - not too soft and not too firm.

3. The Agility mattress prevents motion transfer.

Movement and impact are absorbed better by layers of pocketed coils. This way, you won’t be disturbed if your partner tosses and turns or your child climbs into bed with you.

4. Mini micro pocket coils provide the perfect comfort and bounce.

Regular foam mattresses don’t have enough bounce and are not built to support movement. A hybrid mattresses with micro-coils is able to effortlessly support movement without any sound.

5. Micro-coils provide all night comfort for years to come.

Several scientific studies have shown that while memory foam mattresses become indented or develop impressions over time, micro-coils allow a mattress to maintain its shape, support, and comfort level up to ten times longer. That is many additional years of added comfort and high-quality sleep.

Micro-coils provide your body with anatomically correct support and the ultimate in comfort. A hybrid mattress is more resilient than regular polyfoam, memory foam, or latex foam mattresses, which means it will provide high quality sleep for a longer lifespan than your average mattress. When you invest in an Agility bed, you are selecting a mattress that will perfectly maintain form, integrity, and durability for years to come. With bio-based gel memory foam, five-zone latex foam and mini micro pocket coils, the Agility mattress combines the best elements of standard mattresses to form the ultimate luxury in unparalleled sleep quality.

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