5 Reasons Why Staycations are the New Summer Vacations

5 Reasons Why Staycations are the New Summer Vacations

Summertime means many things to many people: sunshine, BBQs, time with family and friends, and vacations. If your summer vacation dreams consist of visiting cool, faraway places that are out of reach or out of budget, it’s time to consider the new vacation: a staycation. Here are five reasons why more families are planning staycations close to home.

Lower Vacation and Travel Expenses

When you add up airfare, luggage costs, cruise expenses, car rentals, gas for long road trips or any other type of travel expense, it’s easy to see why staying close to home is attractive. And while you don’t need to sleep at home every night (maybe a night or two at the beach resort close by is doable), you do know that your lodging expenses will be minimal at most.

Easier and Less Stressful Planning

The planning stages of a vacation can cause you to lose sleep – between researching best prices and best locations, the gathering of documents and information, the purchasing of tickets and the packing of all the things, the planning alone can take weeks. And if you’re driving, the stress can be more long term as more than 85% of Americans take to the roads rather than the skies when vacationing, making for higher chances of stressful traffic jams during big holidays, according to the Travel Industry Association.

With a staycation, it’s as simple as planning day trips close to home – visit places you don’t have time to explore during the busy year, try fun new restaurants, plan a day with friends, and even plan a day at home, relaxing on your comfortable mattress with a good book and a cup of coffee, playing games with your kids or enjoying your backyard.

Lower Entertainment Costs

Once you’ve reached your destination, the expenses don’t end. Typically you’ll want to explore the city and visit local attractions, and you’ll be dining out for most meals. These costs add up, and fast. Opting for a staycation means you can plan things you don’t ordinarily plan, such as getting great seats at a sports game or a concert, visiting amusement parks or museums and having a meal in a fancier place than usual. With all the costs you’re saving by staying close to home, you can choose something special to splurge on during your staycation.

Time For Exploration and Relaxation

You may think you’ve seen everything your town or area has to offer. A staycation gives you the opportunity to ask around to find out what’s on your city’s must-see list and actually get out and discover what you’ve missed. Hiking trails, new beaches, water parks or a must-visit dessert shop can be fun to explore and create lasting memories. Maybe you’d rather hop in the car and travel to a nearby city and play tourist for the day. And staycations also allow for relaxing days at home, watching movies in bed, catching up on your gardening or reading and just enjoying being home with no obligations.

Make a Plan For the Money You’ve Saved

Since most family vacations typically cost anywhere between $1,000 to $4,000, you’ve definitely saved money by choosing a staycation over a vacation away from home. If you’ve been putting off certain expenses or investments, now would be a great time to use the money you’ve saved. Whether you need new tires or you’ve had the same mattress for over 10 years, make a plan for the money you’ve saved. Maybe you’ll choose to spend a day or two of your staycation doing some online mattress shopping, redecorating your bedroom or researching for your next big purchase. Either way, you’ll have a bit more freedom to choose.

A great staycation can help you feel rejuvenated and rested just like a vacation, minus the hefty bill. This summer, enjoy a staycation and see why staycations are the new vacations!

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