6 Reasons Why You Need an Agility Mattress in Your Life

6 Reasons Why You Need an Agility Mattress in Your Life

The old adage about a good night's sleep is true. We all want that amazing night of rest where you wake up feeling refreshed, energized and ready to take on whatever the day may bring. Instead, many of us wake up with our bodies feeling sore, achy and tired, and our minds already drifting off to thoughts of the next time we can crawl back into bed again. Proper sleep can be the difference between conquering your daily tasks with gusto, or nodding off during your daughter's dance recital. Which is why we’ll be so bold as to say – you need an Agility mattress, and fast. Read on for our top six reasons why you need an Agility mattress in your life!

1. Our mattress is a hybrid – the best of all mattress materials combined.

Unlike most bed-in- a-box mattresses made entirely of foam, the Agility mattress is a hybrid, made from a special blend of elements designed to give you the best night of sleep:
• Our five-zoned latex foam is breathable and provides immediate response to your body movements for the perfect surface feel.
• Nearly 1,000 mini micro-coils respond quickly to movement in any direction and provide support and durability – more about these magical coils below.
• Our mattress’s bio-based gel memory foam helps with energy absorption, providing
pressure relief and a transitional layer in your mattress.
• Finally, the base foam layer gives your mattress added support and durability

2. Three Words: Mini micro coils.

A key difference and one that you’ll come to love about our hybrid mattress – while most other pre-packaged mattresses are constructed completely of foam, Agility offers a more premium sleep experience with nearly 1,000 quick response mini micro coils. These individually wrapped coils work in concert to cradle your body and minimize motion disturbance – which means that your sleep will be uninterrupted, even if your partner is shifting around. Win!

3. If you order now, you save.

Need we say more? Shop now and save! Time to invest in the mattress you need for your master bedroom, guest room or kid’s room. You can even secure your spot as parent of the year by having a new mattress delivered right to your college student’s new apartment.

4. The whole process is seamless, from ordering online to delivery to set up.

Agility makes shopping for your mattress online simple. No awkward showroom visits, no overabundance of options and no need to leave home. Start by deciding which mattress size you need and whether you prefer the foundation or adjustable base – and that’s it. Your order is processed quickly and delivered right to your door within 3-10 business days. And, your Agility mattress isn’t born until you order it, which means no extra holding/storage fees are charged.

When your Agility mattress arrives, set up is simple! It takes just minutes – check out our easy set up video for more information and to watch the process here.

5. Prefer to test the waters? We’ll give you a 100-night trial – plenty of time to fall in mattress love.

Agility offers a risk-free 100-night trial of our mattress. While we’re confident you will love your new mattress, if you don’t fall in love in 100 nights, we’ll give you a refund. Find out for yourself why our customers are saying “I’ve never had a better night’s sleep than on my Agility mattress!” and “The ease and comfort are unbeatable!” (Read more customer reviews here.)

Keep in mind that the first 30 nights on your new mattress are a critical adjustment period as your body adapts to your new bed. We understand that every body is different – so if after 100 nights the Agility mattress is not right for you, just contact us.

6. And finally, because the Agility mattress will help you achieve your best sleep ever.

According to the Better Sleep Council, since we spend 33% of our lives asleep, improving sleep means improving one-third of your life. Getting better sleep can improve your overall health, and with life as busy as it is, it’s never been more important to address that need. Agility’s innovative technologies were designed with moms and families in mind, providing a breathable, supportive sleep and allowing you to wake up feeling alert and energized. Agility’s name comes from the fact that it is the most responsive sleep surface on the market, providing agile sleep for an agile you. We want to help you achieve your best sleep ever.

Ready to improve your sleep and in turn, improve your life? Start shopping for your new Agility mattress here and see what a premium sleep experience truly feels like: Shop Now.

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