Infographic: 8 Reasons to Prioritize Sleep for your Family

8 Reasons to Prioritize Sleep for your Family

We’ve all heard that getting sufficient sleep is important for optimal health & happiness. Here are 8 ways sleep impacts children, teens and adults differently.
More sleep = healthier kids

Children who slept, on average, one hour longer per night in a study had lower fasting glucose, lower insulin resistance, and a lower body mass index than children who slept an hour less.

More Zs for more As

Students with grades of B’s or better slept 17 - 33 minutes more on school nights than students with C’s and below.

1/3 more likely to crash

Teen drivers who get less than 8 hours of sleep nightly are a third more likely to crash than teens who get 8 or more hours of sleep per night.

Most studies show teens require over 9 hours of sleep.
7 out of 10 college students

attain insufficient sleep making daytime sleepiness, sleep deprivation, and irregular sleep schedules prevalent in this group.

1 out 3 adults can’t fall asleep

As many as 30% to 35% of adults complain of insomnia, which can negatively impact work performance, relationships, and decision-making.

Sleepy drivers aren’t safe

Adults who sleep less than 5 hours increase their risk of being involved in a car crash four to five times.

$15.9 billion U.S. health care bill

It is estimated that sleep disorders, sleep deprivation, and sleepiness add $15.9 billion to the national health care bill annually.

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