A Beautiful Mess Loves Agility Bed

A Beautiful Mess Loves Agility Bed

A Review from Home Experts

Agility Bed receives rave reviews from customers who are getting their best sleep ever on a daily basis, but we love to hear from experts in the home space, too. Emma & Elsie, creators of A Beautiful Mess, are sisters who share home decor, DIY and recipes on their blog, social media and podcast. Together, they’ve reviewed countless home products and tackled major home projects while they share their experience with their audience.

Here’s what A Beautiful Mess loves about Agility Bed:

1. The mattress is the perfect mix of firm and soft.  
Being a hybrid mattress, the mix of unique coils and specialty foams makes it comfortable, supportive and breathable so it sleeps cool.

2. These mattresses are made in the USA and are made to order.
 They aren’t sitting in a warehouse for months or years before you purchase.

3. Agility offers a 100-day risk-free trial
So if you don’t love it you can return the mattress. Any company that offers this kind of guarantee is clearly very confident in their product.

4. The mattress arrives rolled up in a box
It made it a little easier to get into my bedroom and onto my bed (although I have a king size so it’s still heavy enough you may want help—no shame in that either!).

Visit A Beautiful Mess to read the full review here and see which Agility accessories the ladies like best.

You can start sleeping better and waking up more refreshed by snagging the Agility Bed Hybrid Mattress just like Emma & Elsie's!

Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess
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