Five Holiday Decorating Trends This Year

Five Holiday Decorating Trends This Year

‘Tis the season to plan for the season!

You want your house to look like a winter wonderland, but you need to consider what kind of wonderland you desire

1.    Retro-Futuristic

Instead of traditional greens and reds, incorporate bright pinks, purples, and blues running through those classic neon tubes. Think Miami Vice meets festive Blade Runner.

Why it’s trending: The digital world continually bleeds into the real world as gaming becomes more mainstream. Additionally, everything old is new again, with nostalgia reigning supreme.

Decoration ideas: Instead of regular ball-style tree ornaments, how about little disco balls and a star made with neon tubing? For your lights, choose colors that would be at home in Miami circa 1983.


2.    Nature

If you’re outdoorsy, recreating natural scenes might be more your speed. Think earth tones, muted colors, and accouterments that remind you of woodland scenes.

Why it’s trending: As the population grows, people pine for simpler, more isolated environments away from the hustle and bustle of busy, modern life. Who wouldn’t want to sip cocoa by the fire in a quiet, rustic log cabin?

Decoration ideas: Think of ornaments that fit with the theme, such as pinecones, leaf shapes, and creatures such as owls and squirrels. Find adornments that make use of live edge wood. And there should be plenty of flannel!


3.    Gold, Silver, and Other Metals 

For that noble, luxurious feel, stick with objects that have an expensive-looking metallic sheen. Pair them with blacks and browns for a spare, elegant look.

Why it’s trending: Gold, silver, and other metals make objects look weighty and important. During the holidays, many homes will play host to visiting family and friends, and this feeling of permanence gives them a sense of occasion.

Decoration ideas: Ornaments should all be metallic colors. Get black or brown tablecloths to contrast copper cups, plates, and flatware. Favor 90-degree angles for a clean, upscale appearance. No dangling lights – make sure those cords are straight!

wreath with star

4.    Classic Christmas

Curate your Christmasy vibe. Perhaps you want to give the feeling of Christmas in the 1950s, or maybe you’re more the Clark Griswold “enough lights to simulate daylight” type.

Why it’s trending: Many people find comfort in traditions. Growing up, there was a tree with a star on top, stockings by the fireplace, a nativity scene on the lawn, and mistletoe above the door. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, and pass the tradition down to the next generation.

Decoration ideas: Perhaps your decorations are from a specific era or decade. Vintage and vintage-style decorations aren’t hard to find. Stick to reds and greens and like styles, and you’ll have an amazing holiday decoration scheme.


5.    Coastal

If you live by the seashore and grew up with sand between your toes, you might feel that traditional holiday decor never made sense. If it doesn’t snow, why have a giant inflatable snowman on the lawn?

Why it’s trending: No one likes feeling left out. Living where it’s warm doesn’t mean having to pretend you’re somewhere else. It’s time to make decorations that reflect your love of the waves.

Decoration ideas: Choose nautical colors – blues, tans, and whites. Seashells and fish themes should dominate your ornaments, and of course, you’ll need a starfish for the top of the tree.

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