5 signs of sleep deprivation and how to overcome it.

5 signs of sleep deprivation and how to overcome it.

Becky Mansfield at Young Modern Family has teamed up with Agility Bed to share different ways to overcome sleep deprivation.  She is a wife, mother, elementary school teacher and child development therapist. So, she understands the importance of good sleep when it comes to the entire family. When we don’t sleep well, not only does it impact our physical health but our mental and emotional health and how we parent too.

Becky says about her own experience, “I have spent years waking up in the morning with back pain.  I even woke up, in the middle of the night, due to back spasms.  It had become the norm for me, unfortunately. Since switching to the Agility hybrid mattress and the temperature-regulating pillows, I have not had one morning of pain.  It’s been such a relief after years of back pain.  I didn’t think I’d ever wake up without a sore and stiff back!  I no longer have to dread going to sleep because now I know that I will wake up pain-free.  I can’t tell you what a huge improvement that has been for me!” 

Here are 5 sleep deprivation effects many families experience that Becky talks about.

  1. Loss of patience and happiness
  2. Decreased memory and focus
  3. Faster aging and quicker weight gain
  4. Increased risk of disease
  5. Decreased physical and mental stamina

It’s scary to see some of these major effects but there are ways to make changes for better sleep. Some of these we already know – keeping a consistent bedtime, limit screen time and creating a cool sleeping environment. But one crucial change many overlook is their mattress… We spend a majority of our time on a mattress so it’s important to choose the right one! Read more to find out the top 5 reasons Becky loves Agility Bed:

  1. A Trusted Brand – Agility Bed is crafted by the sleep experts at Therapedic. Therapedic has been helping people get a great night’s sleep for over 60 years.
  2. Comfort – Our hybrid mattress uses a combination of latex, micro-coils and memory foam that gives a soft and supportive feeling.
  3. Back and Joint Support – The combination of our materials provide support and pressure relief where you need it most.
  4. High Quality Materials – 100% made in the USA, upon ordering, and with families in mind, we have environmental certifications. We use CertiPur-US® certified support base foam and memory foam, and our top latex layer is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.
  5. 100-Night Trial – Try our mattress in the comfort of your own home and if after 100 nights you don’t love it, you’ll get a refund.

Sleeping all night long, without tossing & turning, gives your mind a break to allow you to feel restored, rested, and rejuvenated. It can decrease moodiness and increase your happiness by reducing anxiety and poor attitude. Get the sleep you deserve and need with an Agility Bed Hybrid Mattress!

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