How Five-Zoned Latex Foam Can Transform Sleep Quality

How Five-Zoned Latex Foam Can Transform Sleep Quality

We all know that a comfortable bed is an important part of a sound sleep, but most of us do not pay enough attention to the quality of our mattress. Most of us don’t even know what our mattress is made of. The reality is that in many cases, our body is improperly positioned and inadequately supported while we sleep. This is exactly why five-zoned latex foam was developed - to provide maximum comfort and support for your back. But what exactly are these zones and what makes them so beneficial?

When it comes to beds or mattresses, zoning refers to the separation and differences of the foam’s rigidity or firmness in order to give certain corresponding zones of the body the proper support.

In a five-zoned mattress model, the five zones are:

  1. The Head Zone
  2. The Shoulder and Upper Back Zone
  3. The Lower Back or Lumbar Spine and Hip Zone
  4. The Lower Body or Lower Leg Zone
  5. The Ankle Zone

Each of these zones corresponds to different weights or proportions of our body weights. In heavier zones such as the third or middle zone, denser and firmer support is required the most. Otherwise, the body will sink into the mattress and misalign the spine, causing pain, discomfort, and reduced quality of sleep.

The idea behind zoning is to allow the upper (head) and lower (feet) body parts to stay at the same level, with the legs and shoulders supported, while providing the right softness in the middle zone where the body tends to curve inward to maintain proper body alignment. With five-zoned latex foam technology, when you rotate your mattress, the zones are maintained.

According to research, maintaining your back health relies on properly supporting your spine. Therefore, it is really not about overall firmness but helping you maintain the anatomically correct support and position. A mattress that is too soft or too hard all over will not only cause pain and discomfort but may cause deformation of the lower back in the long run.

Natural latex rubber has been proven to provide mattresses durability, comfort, and support while also offering a healthier and safer sleeping environment. It depresses yet fully bounces back after compression. The following are some of the best benefits of latex when used as mattress material:

  • It has antibacterial properties and is naturally resistant to dust.
  • It comes from a natural, renewable source.
  • It does not conduct electricity.
  • It is non-toxic and safe even for young children and babies.
  • It makes the mattress breathable by allowing proper air ventilation.
  • It has the durability and resilience.
  • It is responsive but still quite sturdy, giving you the comfort and support that you love.

The top layer of the Agility mattress contains five-zoned latex foam. Its medium-firm density is the most recommended by orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors. When combined with the mini micro pocket coils, bio-based gel memory foam and base foam, sleepers experience a flawless comfort. The naturally breathable latex material is paired with memory foam and microcoils to enhance cooling, airflow, balance, and support. The zones provide a great combination of pressure relief and decent bounce for a great feel and conformance to the body. These custom engineered elements are only included in high end, premium mattresses like the Agility bed.

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