How to Decorate Small Bedrooms & Maximize Your Space

How to Decorate Small Bedrooms & Maximize Your Space

Many of us have at least one small space in our home that presents a design challenge – and more than likely, it’s a small bedroom. It takes some thought and creativity to make a small space both comfortable and functional, and the bedroom is particularly tough because the bed can often be a limiting factor due to its size and placement.

We have some small space design tips to help make that small bedroom look and feel bigger so that you can sleep and feel better.

#1 Choose a focal point

Usually the first questions that come to mind when presented with a small bedroom begging for inspiration are: Will the bed fit and where will it go? It makes sense that the bed is the main character in this dramatic scene but try to start with a clean slate of an empty room and think about the focal point of the room. Perhaps there’s a big window or other architectural feature that would be a great focal point -- where you want to draw attention to and have the eyes go to upon entering the room.

#2 Consider size and scale

Make sure you pick the right size bed and frame for the room – and DO measure, DON’T eyeball. Chances are a king size bed is not going to work so be smart about comfort and storage. Don’t underestimate your need to walk around the bed easily. You don’t want to be walking sideways or jamming your foot into the bed base or other furniture just to make your bed or go to the bathroom. Other pieces such as a dresser should also be appropriately sized – or ditched for maybe underbed storage.


#3 Fear not colors and patterns

White makes a space feel roomier, but if you want other options, some colors and patterns can have similar effect. Cool colors make walls appear to recede, and depending on the space, vertical or horizontal lines or stripes can do the same. Just keep in mind that the thickness of the stripes matters. A checkerboard pattern on a diagonal can have an expanding effect, too.

#4 K.I.S.S. – Keep it slim and simple

Slimmer styles in furniture with simple, clean lines really gives breathing room to tight space. You might want to avoid or lose the footboard or four-post bed. They make it tougher to move around and, at the very least, create a visual obstacle that makes the room seem smaller. Think vertically and efficiently by using wall space such as with a tall chest, floating shelves or other types of hanging storage. Also, choose more modern style pieces or décor that are less ornate and cluttered.

#5 Materials and Light

A large mirror is an excellent way to open up the space, but one accompanied by a set of smaller mirrors would bring even more light. Transparent and reflective materials like glass, acrylic and polished metals are smooth and clear. Here’s where going big can actually help a small space.

Get your design inspiration on and here’s to a great night’s sleep in that bigger small bedroom!

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