How to Design a Bedroom Makeover for New Parents

How to Design a Bedroom Makeover for New Parents

When you find out that your family is expanding, one of the first things most people do is start planning a nursery. The nursery is extremely important, but the master bedroom matters too! Being a new parent is the most magical gift, but it’s taxing on the body and mind. With the responsibilities of parenting, work, relationships, and running a household, the bedroom is your place to breathe and reset.

When your sleep is limited, quality of sleep matters even more. As you plan for your new addition, are you confident that your current mattress will stand the test? When one parent wakes up to tend to a crying infant, will the other parent be disturbed? If you have time for a quick nap, will your mattress cradle you to sleep quickly, or will you waste valuable time trying to get comfortable?

As you prepare for your newest family member, remember to plan for your own well-being. Here are 3 tips for designing a bedroom makeover for new or expecting parents.

1. Make sure your bed is comfortable and supportive.

When you’re updating a bedroom as new parents, the bed itself is most important. This is where mom and dad will come to relax, unwind and recharge before facing their long list of tasks and responsibilities. Make sure the headboard is sturdy and can support a parent leaning on it while reading or watching TV. The mattress should be soft enough to cradle a new parent to sleep, but firm enough to support tired backs. Keep in mind that with a hybrid mattress, it’s possible for one parent to get out of bed without waking the other.

In addition to the mattress and headboard, consider updating your pillows and bedding. When mom and dad get woken up frequently, the quality of sleep makes a big difference. Pillows can be a big contributor to the quality of sleep.

2. Upgrade to family-friendly bedside tables.

When you have a new baby in the home, you will probably need to add new items to your bedside table. Whether it’s bottles, baby monitors, pacifiers or wipes, your bedside table will be overflowing before you know it. To prepare for this, make sure your bedside area is stocked and organized. You should have plenty of storage space, in addition to trays and shelving to keep the area organized. Consider adding a charging station for the new electronics and make sure your bedside table is large enough to hold everything you need. Upgrade to a larger, family-friendly table if necessary.

3. Block out the sun.

New parents often find themselves sleeping on a weird schedule. Whenever baby sleeps, you have a chance to sleep. Mid-day naps are common, but won’t be possible with the sun glaring in. Make sure your blinds or curtains can block out the noon sun. This will make it possible for you to catch some shut eye whenever baby gives you the chance.

Parenting a newborn or toddler is not an easy task. It is an incredible gift, but it can take a toll physically and emotionally. We often hear parents say that they are better parents when they are rested. Taking care of yourself impacts your entire family more than you realize.

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