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Sleep to Dream: Four Common Dreams, Explained (Video)

Most of us have had those crazy dreams that leave us wondering the next morning: what did that mean? According to, most people have 4 to 6 dreams per night, but forget 95-99% of those dreams.


There are several common dreams that many people report having, and these dreams seem to stand out as the 1-5% we remember. Our dreams can affect the way we sleep, the quality of our sleep and the way we feel when we wake up. So what do these dreams even mean? Some dream analyzers say that situations you dream about may be indicators of certain stressors, people or situations that may be affecting your life more than you realize. What follows are four common dream scenarios and what they might mean.

Being Chased

Illustration of a worried woman on a pink backgroundYou’re running and running and you know you’re being chased. Some psychologists find this dream to be more common in women than in men, and although it can feel unsettling, it doesn’t necessarily mean something negative. Dreaming about being chased by someone, whether you know them or not, may indicate a need for you to begin facing a problem head on. Perhaps you have been avoiding confrontation of someone or something, and this chasing scenario is a wake-up call to face this situation head on. Doing so will allow you to move forward in a positive direction. The anxiety associated with the feeling of being chased often makes the dreamer remember these types of dreams.


Illustration of a feather on a yellow backgroundSimilar to the dream about being chased, dreams about falling typically indicate some sort of life problem, whether it’s with relationships, work, family, or something else. The dreamer in this situation can feel as though the situation is out of their control and they may feel helpless about it. However, if the dreamer is falling slowly, that can mean that the dreamer is letting go of something or coming to peace with a situation. This can actually be a serene dream and a good indicator of moving forward.

Teeth Falling Out

Illustration of teeth with worried faces on a red backgroundPsychologists differ on their interpretation of this common dream scenario. One expert, Russell Grant, who published The Illustrated Dream Dictionary, believes having a dream about your teeth falling out represents a broken relationship, or one that is in the process of falling apart. Another dream expert, Ian Wallace, believes that teeth represent confidence, control and power. So, dreaming about them falling out means that something may have happened in your life that’s caused you to lose confidence in someone or in a situation. Still others believe dreaming about your teeth falling out may mean you’ve said something (let something out of your mouth) that you should have kept to yourself.


Illustration of someone flying on a teal backgroundThe flying dream is not as common as falling, but many who have these dreams describe them as exciting, exhilarating and very real-feeling. You’re soaring high above the Earth, either in human form, bird form or some sort of mythical creature form. These dreams usually are good omens, bringing with them good fortune, success and satisfaction.

While dreams can bring with them an array of feelings and questions, rest assured that while you may not always remember, you’re dreaming most every night. So there are always opportunities for new and exciting dreams – but first you must settle onto your comfy mattress, close your eyes and dream on!

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