woman sleeping on bed near open window

Tired of Waking up Sweaty? 5 Steps to Create Cool Sleep.

If you're tired of waking up overheated, we have sleeping cool covered for you. It could be the season of life or the season of the year - whatever the reason, waking up sweaty is never comfortable.

Follow these 5 steps to create cool sleep.
  1. Start with a bed that allows air to flow.
    The unique combination of mini-micro coils and premium materials in the Agility Hybrid Mattress enhances breathability and allows air to flow for the perfect night of cool sleep.

  2. Set your room to the optimal temperature for sleep.
    Research shows the ideal room temperature for rest is between 60 and 70 degrees depending on personal preference. You'll want to make sure your sleep sanctuary is well ventilated and cool.

  3. Wear the right sleepwear.
    We recommend breathable cotton to keep cooler, dryer and more comfortable all night long.

  4. Dress your mattress in 100% cotton.
    The Agility Sateen Sheets feel light, soft and silky. The breathable, natural cotton keeps you feeling comfortable every night.

  5. Rest you head on a cool surface.
    Toss the Agility Temperature Regulating Pillows on your bed. Crafted with technology that enables airflow and is cool to the touch on one side, the performance fabric will actually pull heat away so you can rest your head on a cool surface. 

Keeping cool at night is mostly about creating a cool sleep sanctuary. Having the right mattress and bedding in your bedroom is key. For sleep products that promote cool sleep and prevent overheating, look no further than Agility. Agility is the best sleep in a box - delivering comfort, support and quality products to your door. 

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