What Your Sleeping Style Says About You

What Your Sleeping Style Says About You

Falling asleep each night is probably your favorite time of the day. Who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep? Climbing into your bed, settling into your cozy mattress and taking a long, deep breath at the end of a long day can be therapeutic for most people. Most of the time, as you drift off, you'll fall into a familiar and comfortable position. But did you know that how you snooze can tell much about you as a person?

Many experts say that the way you sleep at night can actually tell lots about your personality as well as your health. Some experts question the validity of such claims, but there are a number of studies which have found direct links between certain psychological characteristics and the physiological response of the body when you sleep. Just as there are many common personality styles, there are common sleeping styles as well. Body language is actually a greater communication tool than words that come out of your mouth! So what does your resting position say about you?

The Fetal Position

Probably one of the most common sleep positions, the fetal position has definite, specific psychological indications. One study found that 41% of the participants actually slept in this position. The fetal position sleeper sleeps on your side with your legs drawn up to your body. While it may sound uncomfortable, many people find great comfort by stretching the spine and relaxing the muscles in the legs in this way.

If this is your style of sleeping, it may mean that you're tough on the exterior but actually very sensitive and possibly even a little bit shy. And, if you sleep in this position with your arms stretched out, you probably have a very open personality. Usually calm and very reliable, you aren't afraid of the future. You're also extremely flexible, taking whatever comes your way and making the best of it.

Experts recommend sleeping with a small pillow between your legs to avoid minor health complications such as back pain or acid reflux. And it's really important to have a good mattress that will support your sleeping position.

The Log

This snoozing style is when you are laying on your mattress on your side but your legs are extended straight and your arms are close to your sides. (Because of the rigidity of this way of resting, a coil bed is a good idea.) Researchers say that these sleepers are generally very friendly and social - they know no strangers. They trust most everyone which can leave them somewhat vulnerable. However, they can also be forward and somewhat stubborn.

The Soldier

The soldier lies on the bed on their back with arms straight down by their side, as if they are standing at attention only they're lying down. This is not the most popular style but there are many people who sleep like this every night. Personality type matches the style of sleeping in this case -- very structured people who expect nothing less than perfection from themselves or those around them (which can sometimes make sleeping -- and life -- difficult). However, soldier sleepers typically demand the same order and structure from themselves, so life is usually very predictable and safe. The soldier is one who works persistently and diligently using rational decision-making in all aspects of life. This person is one who will prefer telling the truth at all cost.

Free Fall, or Stomach Sleeper

The stomach sleeper sleeps on the stomach with the head turned to one side or the other with their arms usually up with the hands near or under the pillow. This sleeper is as free spirited as the way they rest. This personality style is very sociable, friendly and outgoing. However, this person can sometimes come across as brash or outspoken. Many stomach sleepers are actually nervous and a little bit insecure on the inside, however, and want to keep it from the world. They may claim to like constructive criticism but in reality, they take any criticism to heart.

The stomach sleeper will generally take the initiative to get things done and likes to plan everything in an effort to have some control over life. Very responsible, they usually are the leader in the group and others trust them with any task, both personally and professionally.

The stomach sleeper tends to also worry a lot though, sometimes feeling out of control about what is happening in their life. They tend to wake up in the middle of the night on a regular basis worrying about all of the things in their life that need to be done.

The Starfish

The starfish sleeper is one who lies on their back with legs sprawled out and arms reaching outward as well. This open sleeping style is usually indicative of a person who is very loyal, very friendly and empathetic. They enjoy listening to others and trying to help with problems in any way possible.

The Pillow Hugger

Any sleep style could be a pillow hugger, but the pillow hugging itself can indicate someone who places great value on their personal relationships. Friends and family mean everything to this person. This person tends to overdo the people pleasing, though, putting the needs of others before their own.

The Snorer

While this is not an actual sleeping position, it is a sleep style. Sleep experts disagree on this subject, but some experts believe that snoring is actually a sign of someone with extreme emotionality which can even sometimes result in anxiety, aggression and depressed states. The snoring sleeper is usually a very passionate person who appreciates the value of every moment.

The one thing that all experts agree on is that a good night's rest is absolutely necessary for health and wellness. A great mattress, preferably a micro coil mattress that will mold to and support your preferred sleep position is extremely important. Comfortable pillows are also critical. Choosing the right bed for your sleeping style can take your sleep to the next level.

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