Which Mattress Size Fits Your Family?

Which Mattress Size Fits Your Family?

The key to achieving your best sleep ever starts with finding a mattress that perfectly suits your needs.

Not only should you look for a mattress that is supportive and comfortable, but you should keep in mind that it’s equally important not to overlook one of the most basic choices when it comes to your new mattress: the right size to fit you and your sleeping needs. Buying a mattress that is too small will lead to a poor night’s rest, especially if you have a partner sleeping with you. No one wants to spend an entire night falling off the edge of a too-small mattress. And buying a mattress that is too large for your room is also a bad idea, as your bedroom should feel comfortable, not overly cramped. Understanding the different size mattress options will help ensure you are happy with your next mattress purchase.


Size: 39” x 75”
Best for: Kids’ bedrooms, smaller guest spaces, daybeds

Twin-sized mattresses are great options for kids’ bedrooms, as they’re the smallest option that allows you to maximize space in a room. Since children typically only need this smaller mattress to have plenty of room to move during the night, this is a common choice for younger children. Twin mattresses are also great for small guest spaces (i.e. if your office doubles as a guest room) or daybeds.

Twin XL

Size: 39” x 80”
Best for: Taller children or college students

Twin extra-long (Twin XL) mattresses are commonly chosen for college dorm rooms, due to the limited space available. These mattresses are 5 inches longer than a typical twin, so they fit taller children and young adults. A Twin XL is also perfect for taller children and teens who need that extra length but don’t need a wider mattress.


Size: 54” x 75”
Best for: Guest bedrooms

A full-sized mattress is a great option for guest bedrooms because they can accommodate one or two guests or one single sleeper who prefers more space to spread out. A full is also a good transition for children who outgrow their twin mattress.


Size: 60” x 80”
Best for: A master bedroom or larger guest bedroom

A queen-sized mattress, measuring at 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, is the most common option for couples choosing a new mattress. This size is ideal for most couples looking to sleep together with enough room for each adult to have their own space. Queen mattresses measure slightly wider than a full at 60 inches and the same length as a twin XL at 80 inches for a perfect combination.


Size: 76” x 80”
Best for: Spacious master bedrooms

King-sized mattresses are more luxurious when it comes to space, and are perfect if you are the type to sprawl out or move a lot during the night. It might be an option if you have children who crawl in bed with you at night. Everyone has their own space to get a restful night’s sleep.

California King

Size: 72” x 84”
Best for: Tall adults

Taller adults who don’t need as much width can benefit from a California King, which measures 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. Tall individuals and couples will rest better with the extra length to stretch their legs and feet out.

Once you find the right mattress size to fit your family, it’s time to explore what type of mattress will help your family achieve the best sleep ever. Shopping online for your premium packaged mattress, order, delivery, set up and customer service should be a dream.

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