Your Guide to a Better Night’s Sleep

Your Guide to a Better Night’s Sleep

We asked The Sleep Sherpa to provide an honest review of the Agility Bed premium hybrid mattress. In exchange for free product, he conducted a thorough evaluation and gave honest feedback on what Agility Bed does right and what we could do better. After sleeping on one mattress and dissecting another, his expert opinion highlighted three areas - comfort, support and overall purchasing process.

The Sleep Sherpa’s mission is “guiding you to a better night’s sleep.” With his review of Agility Bed, he guides you through a 3-step process.

1. Comfort

The Agility Bed features a five zone latex system on the top layer as well as bio based gel foam. In between these layers are nearly 1,000 micro coils to provide extra support and contouring. What you get is a soft mattress that still gives you good support.

When you lay on the Agility Bed, you sink into it right away. As opposed to a dense foam mattress that takes a while for you to sink in, this mattress will instantly cradle you and spring back. What makes this possible is two things, the top layer of zones latex and the microcoils underneath.


2. Support

The microcoils don’t look like they are doing much and individually they really don’t, but in aggregate they all work together to give you subtle support. They also add to the breathability of the mattress. Instead of using an extra layer of transition foam, the micro coils act as a transition layer while the latex on the top layer serves as the comfort layer.

The foam underneath the microcoils is dense and will then allow the coils above to sink as necessary where they get the most pressure so that you don’t get too much push back from the coils system.

The comfort of this mattress does not mean a less breathable mattress. That’s because as you sink into the mattress you have more material surrounding you. The Agility Bed addresses this problem first with the latex Layer. With Agility Bed, you get a very breathable top layer.


3. Ordering and Delivery

Even though this mattress has coils, it can still be compressed. In fact, mattresses bigger than this can still be compressed in a box and in my opinion are every bit as good as their store counterparts.

You can order the Agility Bed direct from their website. After placing your order it should arrive in about a week. When you receive it, it will come in a box.

With the Agility mattress you get a 100 night free trial where you can sleep on it for 100 days and if you’re not happy with it before the 100 days is up, you can return it for a full refund. You also get free shipping both ways.


A Better Night’s Sleep

The Agility Bed is an excellent choice for anyone, not just moms, looking for a mattress that is breathable and supportive. Given the construction of the mattress it is fairly priced as well.

This is one of the softest mattresses I have reviewed and it is hard to get soft, “right” but Agility Bed did it with flying colors. I highly recommend this for side sleepers that crave a soft cozy mattress.



About The Sleep Sherpa 

Ben Trapskin knows firsthand how getting adequate sleep can change your life for the better. He created Sleep Sherpa after a period of time when lack of sleep took a major toll on his physical and psychological health. After working with medical professionals, he experienced many frustrating mattress shopping excursions. Over the course of 2 years he purchased 3 different mattresses, which sparked the idea for Sleep Sherpa.

Today, Sleep Sherpa is an authentic review site that stands out as a resource that offers true value to consumers in the market for a mattress. Mattress reviews include Ben's personal opinion with a sense of how a mattress will feel. He also works with two engineers to help create new testing tools and methods. Their input and products provide more objective data to go with the reviews.

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