4 Ways Bio-Based Memory Foam Improves Your Sleep Experience

4 Ways Bio-Based Memory Foam Improves Your Sleep Experience

Memory foam has gained popularity in recent years due to its overall comfort, durability, and safety. The hybrid mattress from Agility by Therapedic delivers bio-based gel memory foam positioned below layers of five-zone latex foam and mini micro coils, and above a layer of base foam for added support and durability. Bio-based gel memory foam has a significant advantage over traditional memory foams for many reasons.

The latex layer used in the Agility Bed mattress is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1 Certified, which qualifies it as safe for children and babies, while traditional mattresses contain chemicals and gases. The memory foam and base layers are CertiPur-US certified and free of ozone depleters.

Bio-based gel memory foam is designed with the following benefits.

  1. Better for you and better for the environment.

Have you ever noticed the smell of a brand new mattress? To address the problem of off-gassing or the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) linked to adverse health issues and bad odors, most plant-based foams are made without chemicals like formaldehyde, phthalates, CFCs, and PBDEs. With much lower amounts of VOCs, the unpleasant chemical smell of a traditional mattress is significantly reduced. The Agility by Therapedic mattress is safe for your children and the environment.

  1. Improved breathability for a cool, comfortable sleep.

Heat retention is a common problem with traditional foams, causing sleepers to get too warm and sweat while sleeping. Temperature neutral gel-infused bio-based memory foams, like the one used in the Agility mattress, rely on technologies that transfer body heat into the gel portion and release the excess thanks to the open-cell structure of plant-based foams.

  1. Reduced temperature sensitivity results in consistent comfort.

Bio-based foams are more stable regarding softness or hardness in a wider range of temperatures. That means that regardless of weather or season, the mattress you love delivers reliable, consistent comfort every time you lay down.

  1. Faster response time and better energy absorption.

Bio-based gel memory foam helps with energy absorption providing pressure relief and a transitional layer in your mattress. Response time refers to the ability of the foam to go back to its original state or shape which depends on its viscosity, composition, resilience, and elasticity. While traditional foam mattresses have a response time of 45 to 60 seconds, plant-based memory foams average within 5 to 8 seconds. With the Agility mattress, many people report that they are not disturbed when their partner moves or gets up at night.

The History Behind Mattress Foams

For decades, flexible foams such as visco elastic memory foam or polyurethane foams have been made using petroleum-based reactants or substances called isocyanate and polyol. Over time, manufacturers realized that the production process utilizing these materials posed considerable harm to the environment by emitting harmful gases and using up the world’s fossil fuel reserves, which is a non-renewable energy source.

In more recent years, many manufacturers began to search for better alternatives for raw materials. They also looked for new technologies to develop better mattress foams without increasing the manufacturing and selling costs, while reducing environmental impact. That’s when bio-based foams were developed.

Bio-based foams use parts of sustainable and renewable crops such as soybeans, corn, castor beans, and sunflower seeds as the source of the main components of foams used in beddings and mattresses. These sources play an important role in reducing the portion of crude oil that comes from petroleum to build flexible foams. Petroleum-based polyols are now being replaced by the more eco-friendly soy-based or other plant-based polyols.

Aside from this, plant-based foams were also intended to retain the original benefits of memory foam such as its comfortability, pressure-relieving properties, and its ability to distribute user weight evenly, absorb impact, and follow the natural body contour of the sleeper.

The hybrid mattress from Agility by Therapedic delivers an exceptional bio-based gel memory foam in a mattress that is safe for the entire family. With free shipping and a 100 day free trial, you’ll get the best sleep of your life. Click here to select the Agility mattress of your choice.

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