Can the right mattress help reduce caffeine intake?

Can the right mattress help reduce caffeine intake?

There is nothing better than tea or coffee first thing in the morning. That one cup of caffeine is an instant energy booster, making you jump out of the bed, giving you a kick to start the day and giving you the courage to conquer what lies ahead. If you’re the type of person who needs to keep sipping caffeine throughout the day to stay awake and active, you may want to consider why.

Caffeine works like magic, but its chemical reaction is simple. It increases your adrenaline levels by lowering the natural chemical in your body that makes you sleep. You may have an increased ability to stay awake, but those unlimited cups during the day can hurt your ability to get a full night’s sleep when the time comes. If you suffer from anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, headache and sleep inertia, caffeine could be one of the reasons. If you are unable to get a good night of sleep, cutting down on caffeine will certainly help.

What if sleeping on the right mattress could help you reduce your caffeine intake?

If you’re concerned that you can’t make it through the day without coffee, tea or soda, you may want to evaluate the quality of your sleep in general. Sleeping on a high quality mattress from Agility by Therapedic can help you make the transition from caffeine addict to a lifestyle that doesn’t require caffeine at all. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to help you rely on improved sleep quality instead of that cup o’ joe.

1.  What mattress is best for me?

Unlike most online mattresses made entirely of foam, the Agility bed mattress is a hybrid. It contains scientifically engineered mini micro pocket coils, combined with contouring memory foam and premium latex, providing the optimal sleep experience of comfort and support. Agility’s name comes from the fact that it is the most responsive sleep surface on the market. Next time you wonder what type of mattress is best, you may want to consider the Agility bed mattress since it’s shipped directly to your door with a 100 day trial.

2. Can I swap coffee for healthier alternatives?

Even if you aren’t ready to research what mattress to buy, you may be able to choose healthy alternatives for your next cup of caffeine. Consider a glass of fresh juice or herbal tea. If you find nothing around, a glass of water is the best you can give to your body. If you don’t like the alternatives, try adding more water to your caffeine, brewing it for a shorter time, or drinking from a smaller cup. This will help you reduce your intake naturally. Of course, a good night’s sleep on a good mattress will be a huge help in this area.

3. Can a healthy snack or meal replace my next cup of coffee?

If you wake up feeling tired, thinking about a new mattress may be necessary. But on those tired mornings, drinking coffee is a helpful short term solution. To cut down on caffeine intake, you may want to consider a high-protein, delicious breakfast. During your work hours, when you feel low in energy, some nuts or fruit can replace caffeine that acts as an energy booster. Research also suggests that chewing gum reduces the need to sip on caffeine.

Since caffeine can cause dehydration, a life without caffeine can result in better sleep quality and a healthier lifestyle. In addition to reducing your caffeine intake and choosing healthier snacks, one of the best ways to go without caffeine is to make sure you’re getting the best night of sleep possible. When you switch to the Agility mattress, you’ll get your best sleep ever and you may find yourself reaching for the coffee cup less and less. If you’ve been wondering how to buy a mattress online, look no further than

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