Let's Stay In: Indoor Activities for Rainy/Cold/Lazy Days

Let's Stay In: Indoor Activities for Rainy/Cold/Lazy Days

On rainy or cold days, it can be a pain to get out of bed, especially if you’re home alone or have no plans for the day. It is incredibly tempting to climb back into your warm, comfy coil bed and sleep the day away. However, there are ways you can change your day and make it more fun, interactive, and happy. So forget about the rain pouring outside or the cold temperatures seeping into your house, time to plan some activities for you, your family, and friends. Here are 10 simple activities to help you get going!

Just for Adults

Baking or Cooking a Meal Together

Hop on your computer and try to bake or cook a dish using a new recipe you’ve never tried before. Go to the store and get the necessary ingredients and work together in the kitchen. Turn some music on, put your phones away to clear any distractions and enjoy the time together. By cooking together, you can work on building on your relationship in a fun environment.

Soak in Your Bathtub

Nothing washes away the stress and worries of a long week better than a long soak in a bathtub. Lock the door and crank up the music to drown out any distractions to yourself and your “me time.” In addition, try lighting scented candles or diffuse some oils and bring a soothing drink in the tub with you. Lay back, relax, and let your mind go free.


Although reading can take up a lot of your work day by reading with emails, documents, etc., reading your favorite book serves as a great activity to help lose yourself in another world. Besides being overall pleasurable, reading can serve as a positive mental health activity that fewer and fewer people seem to do these days. Even if it’s simply reading today’s paper, reading can help you relax and enjoy life a little bit more. Cuddle up on your mattress, grab your book, and relax.

Plan to Travel

Trust me, warmer days are coming! Although it may be too cold now, it’s always a refreshing activity to plan out your next trip. Just thinking about sand hitting your feet or walking down the dazzling streets of NYC, you can't help but feel a little bit brighter on a rainy or cold day.

If you want to take it one step further, don't just think about your next vacation, actually start planning it. When planning your trip, don’t forget to book anything you may require for your getaway. This may include bar hopping, hotels, and bus or airline tickets. The earlier you book, usually the cheaper the cost will be. No more facepalming over booking at the last second!

Get Together With Friends

Who says you have to leave the house to see your friends? Sometimes the best way to spend a rainy day is with friends. No one thrives being alone with the cold drizzle on your window, invite your friends over to gossip or go out to lunch. After all, social interactions can help with your mental health and put you in a better overall mood that can change your entire day.

With the Kids

Throw a Movie Marathon

Lazy indoor days are perfect for movie marathons. Pick a theme and see what movies you can find that fit in the theme. For example, you can have an underwater movie marathon and watch Finding Nemo, Free Willy, and The Little Mermaid. Choose movies that the whole family can enjoy together. Gather on the couch or snuggle up in bed and don't forget to bring a big bowl of popcorn!

Go Indoor Camping

Set up a small tent indoors. If you don’t have a tent, you can also build a pillow fort with your blankets, pillows, and micro coil mattress. This can act as a cool place to hang out and rest all day. Have a picnic or chill and read a book. It can also be a fun place for a sleep over. Tell scary ghost stories and make microwave smores. No matter what you decide to do, everything is more fun inside a pillow fort.

Set Up an Indoor Treasure Hunt

What could be more fun than a treasure hunt? This may require some work on your part, but it will occupy your kids all day long. Write up a set of creative clues, with each clue leading to the next one and so on until they reach the treasure. Put them in numbered envelopes and hide them around the house. Try hiding one in the refrigerator or under a mattress. Create a different set of clues for each child playing. Whoever finds the treasure first will get a prize. Or you can have all of the kids work together to find the treasure and win one big, shareable prize.

Put on a Fashion Show

You knew there was a reason you kept all of those old Halloween costumes. To stave off boredom, have your kids put on a miniature fashion show. They can play dress up in whatever clothes they have. Gather up those old costumes, dresses, and any other clothing item from around the house, play some music, and strut your stuff.

Have a Family Game Night

Turn off the television and put away those video games, it’s time for a family game night. You probably have at least six board games in your house that have not been played for years. The next rainy day, take them out. Everybody loves Clue and LIFE. Plus, this is fun the whole family can enjoy together. So dust off those old board games and put your competitive face on.

Lazy days do not have to mean bored, do-nothing days. Whether you are enjoying the day alone, with a few friends, or with a few kids, there are tons of fun things you can do. Fill your day with fun activities and you will be falling into bed, ready to get the best sleep ever.

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