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Emma Chapman from A Beautiful Mess sitting on an Agility Bed mattress reading a book

Here’s what A Beautiful Mess loves about Agility Bed:

  • The mattress is the perfect mix of firm and soft
    Being a hybrid mattress, the mix of unique coils and specialty foams makes it comfortable, supportive and breathable so it sleeps cool.
  • These mattresses are made in the USA and are made to order
    They aren’t sitting in a warehouse for months or years before you purchase.
  • Agility offers a 100-day risk-free trial
    So if you don’t love it you can return the mattress.Any company that offers this kind of guarantee is clearly very confident in their product.
  • The mattress arrives rolled up in a box
    It made it a little easier to get into my bedroom and onto my bed (although I have a king size so it’s still heavy enough you may want help—no shame in that either!).

"A mattress can be a major purchase, but when you think about how much time you will spend on it in the years to come, I think it’s worth investing in something that is high performing. I personally love my Agility Bed so that’s what I recommend."


Save $300 on mattresses and mattress sets with code ABM300

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